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Why doesn't the Print to Fax dialog come up when printing from Adobe Reader?

Adobe introduced a security update in January of 2014 to Adobe Reader's "Enhanced Security Protection" mode which made it incompatible with the Print to Fax application and other applications.

Adobe fixed this issue in v11.0.07, please update Adobe Reader to v11.0.07.

When printing from Adobe Reader v11.0.06 with Enhanced Security Protection mode enabled (the default, Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced)) the Print to Fax dialog does not display. This is due to Adobe blocking the print job to Print to Fax as a change to their Enhanced Security Protection's sandboxing feature. Adobe's "Enhanced Security Protection" mode is not compatible with a number of third party applications and plugins in order to make Adobe Reader as secure as possible for general public use, especially on public computers, and this change temporarily made it incompatible with the Print to Fax application under these strict security settings.

Adobe released an update in v11.0.07 which fixes this issue.

Alternately, it is also recommended when scanning documents to scan them to TIFF format (rather than PDF) as this is often far more efficient and accurate than scanning documents to PDF format. The TIFF format has been used for scanning and sending and receiving faxes for decades and all major operating systems have very efficient TIFF viewers built in.

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