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How does the Shared DND work?

The Shared DND feature is a DND state integrated into Virtual Office which can be viewed by your group and updated using a Busy Lamp programmed on the phone.

To use the Shared DND feature have a Busy Lamp set up with the number *202. The Busy Lamp will reflect the state of the Shared DND feature for your phone and allows you to toggle DND on and off. When DND is on, all calls are rejected at the server and do not ring your phone, whether they are extension dial, direct dial, call blast, transfer, etc.

The state of the Shared DND is also visible to your receptionist or anyone else in the company through the Secure Web Portal. To see users Shared DND states, log into the secure web portal and access any of the User Summary screens. If the user has a Red status message under their name they have Shared DND enabled. The default DND message displayed in red is "Do Not Disturb"; other messages are available using custom DND codes added by your system administrator.

In addition to turning DND on from the phone, the MyStatus feature of the Secure Web Portal can be used to provide more descriptive summary information about your status with or without blocking your calls. To use this feature, click the MyStatus link in your personal menu next to your phone number. Then enter a message that you want everyone to see on the User Summary pages regarding your status. This message can be "Do Not Disturb", "At Lunch", "Call My Cell: XXX-XXX-XXXX", "Out until 3pm", or any other message you want (up to 32 characters total).

In addition to providing a more descriptive summary, you can choose to block or not to block your calls when using the MyStatus feature. When your calls are not blocked your status message shows in green in the user summary. When your calls are blocked your status message shows in red, denoting your phone is in DND mode. The checkbox below the MyStatus field toggles the blocked/not blocked state of your phone calls independent of your status message.

If you do not have the MyStatus link in your personal menu, contact Velocity Telephone or your system administrator to have the feature turned on for your group. The feature is included in all packages but is disabled by default, and can be enabled for your group at any time either by request or by using and Advanced Settings page of the Administrator login.

Lastly, if your receptionist and group want to see the status of your Shared DND state on their side car and busy lamps, there is a feature available under the Advanced settings of your system administrator login(s) that sets a user's busy lamps to red whenever the Shared DND feature is enabled for their phone. The setting to show busy lamps red when DND is enabled is global for the group and is turned off by default. If your company wants busy lamps to show red when users are on DND (in addition to when they are on phone calls) the system administrator can enable this feature in the Administrator's Advanced settings page, or contact Velocity Telephone and request the feature be enabled for your group.

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