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Change my voicemail PIN?

Your system administrator is able to change your PIN using the secure web portal.

If you prefer to change your PIN directly, you can make the change two ways.

Your voicemail PIN may be changed using the secure web portal:

  • Log into the secure web portal at
  • Under your Personal Settings, click on the phone number next to the message icon. This will allow you to review and change your voicemail settings.
  • Click on the PIN section
  • Enter a new PIN number, and click "Update Settings".

Your security code may be changed by telephone by calling your voicemail box. If you are at your Virtual Office phone you may press the message key on your phone to call your message box.

  • If you are met with your greeting press 7 to access your message box. If you are calling from your Virtual Office phone or a known 'owner phone' you will immediately be asked to enter your current PIN.
  • Enter your current PIN to access your message box. If your messages start playing, press Star to reach the main menu. From the main menu:
  • Press 4 for Personal Options
  • Press 2 for Administrative Options
  • Press 1 for Security Code Options
  • Press 1 to Change Security Code

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