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View and/or export my call log?

To view or export your call log:

  • Log into the Virtual Office secure web portal at
  • Under Personal Settings, click on the phone number for the call log you wish to view or export.
    If the phone number you are interested in is not in your Personal Settings, you may need to ask an Administrator to retrieve the call log for that phone number, or add it to your web login to provide access directly.
  • Click on the "Call Log" section
To View your call log:
  • Click "Last 50 Entries", "Last 100 Entries", or "Last 250 Entries" depending on how much data you want to view.
To Export your call log in CSV format:
  • Click on "Export" to bring up the Call Log Export dialog
  • Enter a start date in the first Date Range field or select one by clicking on the ellipsis [...] button next the first field
  • Optionally enter or select an end date in the second date field. If no end date is provided one month of data will automatically be downloaded.
  • Click the "Export Call Log as CSV File" button to start the CSV download process

You may also view your call log using our mobile app, which is available on the iTunes Store and Google Play by searching for "Velocity Virtual Office".

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