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Change my e-mail notifications for voicemail and fax boxes?

Voicemail and fax notifications may be updated using the secure web portal.

  • Log into the Virtual Office secure web portal at
  • Under Personal Settings, click the "Email Notifications" link under your voicemail or vfax phone number
  • Update the email addresses as needed. And choose whether to Attach the Message to the email in the checkbox next to the address.

    Both VMail and VFax have the option to include the message directly in the email notification. If you do not include the message with the email, voicemail notifications will provide a download link which also marks the message read/saved and updates your message waiting indicator (MWI) as appropriate, if you are using MWI. Fax notifications without the message attached will include a secure download link that requires PIN authentication to retrieve the fax for added security over attaching the fax directly to the email message.

To configure additional outbound fax notification options, click the "Outbound Faxing" section after reviewing your notification addresses. Note that outbound fax notifications are sent ONLY to the primary email address configured under the notifications section. There are options for notifying on success and/or failure, and for what to include in the notification in each situation.

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