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What headsets do you recommend?

The most popular headsets our customers purchase for use with the Grandstream phones are outlined in the table below.

Note that most headsets have additional cables the must be purchased in addition to the headset to connect it to the associated grandstream phone.

Headset Type Phone Models Recommended Headset and Required Cables
Wireless GXP-2130,
Plantronics CS-540 (or CS-510, CS-520, CS-530) *

Required cables:

Plantronics APD-80 adapter cable and
Plantronics 85638-01 adapter cable
Wired GXP-2130,
Plantronics HW251N (monaural) or HW261N (binaural) **

Required cables:

Plantronics A10 adapter cable and
Plantronics 85638-01 adapter cable
Bluetooth GXP-2130(v2 only +),
Most bluetooth headsets
We are not aware of any bluetooth headset that does not work with the phones; Grandstream's compatability guide can be referenced for specific models if you are purchasing a new bluetooth headset for use with the phones.

* CS-510 - Single ear, over-the-head wireless headset
CS-520 - Double ear, over-the-head wireless headset
CS-530 - Single ear, over-the-ear style wireless headset
CS-540 - Single ear, Over-the-ear and over-the-head convertible wireless headset

** HW251N - single ear
HW261N - double ear

+ GXP-2130 (v2 only) - if your GXP-2130 has a bluetooth icon in the top right corner of the screen, it is bluetooth capable

Headsets and accessories can be purchased from retailers such as Amazon, VoIP Supply, and other online retailers

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