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Pairing Bluetooth Headsets

Most of the Grandstream colorscreen phones support Bluetooth. If your phone supports Bluetooth there will be a Bluetooth icon in the top right corner of the phone's display.

To pair a Bluetooth headset with a Grandstream phone that has Bluetooth support:

  1. Press Menu -> System -> Bluetooth
  2. Confirm "Power" is set to "On" to enable Bluetooth
  3. Optionally update the Bluetooth Name to make identification of your Grandstream phone easier
  4. Power on your headset and put it into Pairing mode.
    Once your headset is ready to pair select Start Scan on your Grandstream phone. You should get a list of devices you can pair with; scroll to your headset and select Pair.

    If the headset does not show up in the list, it will need to be explicitly put into pairing mode. For instance, once a headset is paired with a device such as the user's mobile phone, it must be explicitly put into "pair" mode in order for it to pair up with any new device. How pairing mode is activated for any headset is specific to that headset and requires looking at that headset's user manual.

  5. If a PIN is requested the default is typically 0000. If this does not work you will need to check the instructions that came with your headset to find the PIN number your headset uses for pairing.

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