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Basic Voicemail -- HELPFUL HINTS

When you first get your service:

  • Set up your mailbox first. Callers won't be able to leave you a message until you do.
  • Choose a greeting that works well for you. Most people record their own, but if it's easier, or you're security-conscious and don't want to use your own voice, use one of the built-in greetings.
  • Take your time and listen to the voice prompts as a guide. Go ahead and experiment! You can always back up, change or erase anything you don?t want.
  • Get to know all the keypad commands. Can hardly hear the message? Turn up the volume [press] 9. Someone's talking too fast? Slow it down [press] 4. Want to skip the messages that aren't for you? Just press # and cruise on by.

When you're familiar with Voice Mail:

These helpful options can be turned OFF and ON to get your messages faster. Just go to Personal Options [Main Menu, and then option 4] and follow the prompts.

  • Turn ON Skip Security Code and you won't have to enter your code when you're checking your messages from your home phone. Remember though, for your protection, you still need to enter your code anytime you're checking messages away from home.
  • Turn OFF the Date and Time so you don't hear them automatically. Whenever you really need to know, you can always press 5 during or after the message.
  • Switch to Rapid Prompts when you're ready for fewer voice instructions.

For a complete map of our Voice Mail System, CLICK HERE

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