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How to Use Call Waiting

When you’re on a call, and someone else is trying to reach you, (depending on your service) you’ll hear a special Call Waiting tone, and you’ll see the second caller’s name on your Caller ID display, or you’ll hear a voice that tells you the name of the caller. Only you will hear the signals. If you want to answer the second call, press flash to answer. Press flash again to switch back.


  • Call Waiting signal tone only.
  • Call Waiting ID** signal tone, plus Caller ID display that identifies the second caller.
  • Call Waiting Deluxe** with the Home Receptionist phone.
  • Selective Call Waiting and Selective Call Waiting ID** alert you only when the second caller is someone on your privileged caller list.

To temporarily turn off Call Waiting so the call you’re about to make doesn’t get interrupted:

  1. Press *70 and listen for three brief tones, then a normal dial tone.
  2. Dial the number you wish to call. Anyone who tries to reach you during this call, even privileged Selective Call Waiting callers, will hear a busy announcement or be sent to your voice mail service. Call Waiting is restored automatically when you hang up.

To temporarily turn off Call Waiting during a call:

  1. Simply press to put your current call on hold, listen for a normal dial tone, then press *70.
  2. Press again and resume your call without further interruption. To temporarily turn off Call Waiting to keep your modem connection from being disrupted:
  3. Store *70 as part of your dial-up number, so that Call Waiting turns off automatically when you go online. Call Waiting will be restored automatically when you log off.

To set up Selective Call Waiting and Selective Call Waiting ID, simply contact Customer Service to set up your list of privileged callers that can alert you during a call.

Choose Selective Call Waiting/ID from the Menu and follow the prompts. You can enter up to 25 privileged telephone numbers (or area codes or area codes + prefixes).

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