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How to Use Call Forwarding

Donít miss calls when you go out Ė get them to follow you to your wireless phone or any other local or long-distance* number.


  • Call Forwarding - Forward calls from your home to another number.
  • Selective Call Forwarding - Choose the specific callers you want to forward to a local, long-distance or wireless number. Use it for only those critical calls you donít want to miss.

How to use Call Forwarding

  1. Call *72 from your home phone.
  2. When you hear the normal dial tone, dial the number you want your calls forwarded to. When the phone is answered, hang up.
  3. If the phone is busy, or no one answers, repeat the first two steps. Youíll hear two quick tones.
  4. Call Forwarding is then activated. A short ring on your phone each time a call is forwarded reminds you Call Forwarding is on. You will not be able to answer calls at your home while Call Forwarding is on.
  5. To turn off Call Forwarding, press *73.

To set up Selective Call Forwarding

  1. Call *63 from your home phone.
  2. Follow the recorded instructions to set up the phone numbers of the people whose calls you want to have forwarded. You can enter up to 15 local, long-distance or mobile numbers.*
  3. Calls that you have not chosen to forward will ring through as usual.
  4. To turn off Selective Call Forwarding, press *83 and follow the recorded instructions.

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