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How to use Call Rejection

Why bother with calls you know you donít want? Now you can block those people from calling you, just by knowing their phone numbers.

Call rejection is now handled by the Qwest Update Center.

Call the Update Center at 888-XXX-8052 from any touchtone telephone).

In Minnesota Ė 888-651-8052 or 888-612-8052 (763 and 952 numbers use the 888-612-8052 number).

Within the Update Center, you will be able to add and remove callers from your Selective Call Rejection list.

NOTE: When establishing the four digit security code, the update center must be contacted from the home or business telephone number that the feature is linked to. If there is a default pin setup, it will be 1234. This can also reset when a customer changes service providers.

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