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In Touch Call Manager allows you to be on the Internet using your dial-up connection, and allows you to control any incoming calls you may receive. You can forward calls to another phone number, send the caller a pre-recorded message, direct them to a voicemail box that will email you the recorded message, drop your Internet connection to allow you to receive the call, and more! For more details, click here.

This document will show you how to install the In Touch Call Manager, and how to setup your personal greeting.

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This is currently only supported on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

STEP 1: Install and configure the In Touch Call Manager software

  • Click here to download the software installer.
  • Save the installer to a known location on your hard drive (such as your Desktop).
  • Double click on the installer. (Note: If a window is displayed stating your operating system does not know how to open ".msi" files, you will need to install the Windows Installer Engine before proceeding. If you have Windows 95/98, click here).
  • Proceed through the installation wizard. Before the installer completes the installation process, a Networking Configuration window will be displayed. Enter your unified messaging phone number and PIN provided in your welcome e-mail, and press OK.


STEP 2: Set-up your In Touch Voice Mail Personal Greeting

Your In Touch Voice Mail is the voice mail system that you will be able to send incoming calls to while you are connected to the Internet. This is separate from any answering machine or voice mail you have set up with your phone company, so you will want to personalize it. This voice mail system will automatically e-mail you any voice mails that are left for you when you are using the In Touch Call Manager.

To set-up and personalize your voice mail:

  • Dial the unified messaging number assigned to you in your welcome email.
  • Interrupt the greeting by pressing 7. If you are dialing from your home telephone number, you will automatically be asked to enter your PIN without pressing 7.
  • Enter your PIN
  • From the main menu:
    • Select 4 for personal options
    • Select 3 for greetings & recorded names
    • Select 1 to change your greeting
      • Select 1 for a standard greeting with your home telephone number
      • Select 2 for a standard greeting with your name
      • Select 3 for a personal greeting

For a complete map of our In Touch Voice Mail System, CLICK HERE

STEP 3: Disable call waiting - WHILE ONLINE

In order for the In Touch Call Manager to work correctly, you must disable your call waiting while you are on the Internet. If you are a USFamily.Net customer, please follow these directions:

  • Click on the USFamily.Net Rocket Ship to bring up your Internet Connection Manager.

  • Before connecting, click on the settings (or properties) button to change the phone number dialing settings.

  • Add *70, in front of each phone number.

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