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What can I do with incoming calls?

When you are online, and you have the Unified Messaging Call Manager program running, the following window will pop up if an incoming call is coming in if you have chosen to choose an online response (click here for more details).

At this point, you can choose how you want to handle the call, whether you want to answer it (which will disconnect you from the internet if you are using a dialup internet connection), forward it to one of the numbers you specified in the settings, send it to voicemail, etc.

If no action is specified, it will automatically prompt the caller to leave a message.

Please note: You will be allowed up to 90 minutes of call-forward / call-answered time per calendar month. After that, you will be charged $.10 per minute for all call-forward / call-answered time. You will be notified via e-mail any time you go over the alloted 90 minutes in any calandar month. You can also keep track of the minutes you are using by viewing your call log.

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