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No Dial tone Issues

If you are experiencing no dial tone on your phone line, please try the following steps to diagnose the issue, as our support team will have you perform the same tests.

  • Have you tried another phone in your house?
  • Have you tried plugging your phone into a different phone outlet?
  • If you have a cordless phone, have you tried replacing your battery?
  • Have you tried a different phone cord?
If you get dial tone after any of these steps, there is an issue with your phone, phone cord, or phone outlet.

If you still do not have any dial tone, you will need to physically unplug every telephone device (ie, Telephones, Caller ID boxes, Answering Machines, Cable/Satellite Boxes, DSL modems, etc). Plug one corded telephone into a phone jack. If you get dial tone, plug each device back in one at a time to determine the device causing the issue.

If you still do not have any dial tone, you may have to test at the Demarcation point of your residence. If you live in an apartment building, you may be able to contact your landlord to make this test for you. If you do get dial tone, there may be an issue with the phone wiring of your building.

If you still do not have any dial tone, or have service at a business, please contact our Support Team to resolve the issue.

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