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Setup Instructions for eyeBeam

If you have our Virtual Office products, we offer the option to subscribe to a VOIP softphone. The following guide will show you how to install and troubleshoot CounterPath's eyeBeam Basic, the most heavily used softphone in the VoIP industry.


  1. First you must purchase, download and install eyeBeam Basic from Counterpath.

  2. Proceed through the installation process.

  3. After the installation process completes launch eyeBeam.
    When you launch eyeBeam you may encounter a security alert by your firewall or security application.
    Make sure you grant it access.

  4. When you launch eyeBeam for the first time you will need to setup the SIP account.
    Click on Add.

  5. Click on the Account tab
        Enter your name in the Display Name.
        Enter the SIP phone number for the User name.
        Enter the corresponding password in the password field.
        For the Domain enter:

  6. Click on OK, and then click on Close.

Congratulations, you are now ready to use eyeBeam.


  • Make sure your firewall application has granted access privileges to eyeBeam.
  • Disable any SIP ALG's in your system or in your router as it can malform SIP packets.

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