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Advanced Phone Functions for GXP phones

This document will show you how to use the advanced functions of our GXP models of phones.

Call Conferencing

  • With one line active, and another call on hold, press the Conf button, and then select the line that is one hold that you want to conference together.
  • To end the conference, simply hang up the phone. This will disconnect all parties involved in the conference.
  • To end the conference but continue speaking to one or both parties individually, press the Hold button which discontinues the conference and places both parties on hold. Either party can then be spoken to individually by selecting the corresponding line.

Blind Transfer

  • While on an active call, press the Transfer button, enter the destination phone number, and press the Send button.

Attended Transfer

  • Place your active call on hold. Then select an inactive line button to get dialtone on a new line, and dial the phone number you wish to transfer the call to. After announcing the call party being transferred to, press the Transfer button then the line on hold to transfer the call to. The call will be transferred to the intended party as a new call.

Park/Pick Up

  • Place your call on hold by pressing the Hold button. This "parks" the call. A call on hold can be "Picked Up" at another station by dialing # + extension or # + DID number. The extension or DID number must be the number of the station currently has the call on hold.

    IE: #100 - Picks up the call on hold at extension 100.
    #7635551100 - Picks up the call on hold at DID 7635551100.

Ringing pick-up

  • You can pick up a call ringing on another phone by dialing # + # + extension or DID of the phone that is ringing.
    IE: ##100 - Picks up the call ringing extension 100.
    ##7635551100 - Picks up the call ringing at DID 7635551100.

Call Forwarding

  • Dial *72, wait for the short tone, and then dial the number you want to forward to followed by Send.
  • To cancel call forwarding, dial *73, wait for the short tone, and then hang up.

DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode

  • Press the DND button to put your phone in DND mode. If your phone does not have a DND button, your Mute key doubles as your DND button when the phone is idle. Press the button again to take your phone out of DND mode.


  • Your phone will either have a MSG button, or a button with a picture of an envelope. This will call your voicemail box.


  • To redial, take the phone off the hook and press the Send key.

Call Recording

  • *5 - Recording On
    During a call dial *5 to begin recording the conversation (the other party will not hear the touch tones).
  • *6 - Recording Off
    This stops and saves the recording (the other party will not hear the touch tones).
  • To retrieve your recorded calls, you can access our Virtual Office Portal.

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