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Online Portal for Virtual Office

Virtual Office customers can access the Virtual Office Online Portal to manage their Virtual Office installation and settings. The portal is accessible at:      

You will be required to enter your group name, username, and password which you received with your welcome letter. If you are having trouble logging into the secure web portal, please contact our free customer support

Some of the things that you can manage from the web portal are:

  • Speed Dial and Busy Lamp settings
  • Call handling rules (Total Call Control / Find Me / Follow Me)
  • Browser plugin and mobile application information
  • Update or add additional unified messaging notification addresses
  • Change voicemail retrieval methods
  • Review call logs and messages
  • Retrieve and review call recordings
  • View extension lists for your company
  • View training videos

Administrators can manage:

  • Phone numbers, users, and unified messaging settings
  • Extensions
  • Manage web logins
  • Reprovision phones for new users
  • Upload custom hold music files
  • Review call data for the group and export call logs
  • Change user PIN's
  • and customize many other features for your group

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