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Can I view inbound faxes on my smart phone?

In most cases the answer is yes. Most smart phones are able to display the PDFs containing your inbound faxes.

The iPhone is able to display your inbound faxes without any settings or modifications. Simply click on the attachment in your email.

Android smart phones can display your inbound PDF faxes using the free Adobe Reader application which is typically installed by default and is also for available for free from the Android Market or Google Play.

In general smart phones which can display PDFs with TIFF encoded images or which have an Adobe Reader application will be able to display your incoming fax files.

For phones that do not support displaying these PDFs we can also deliver your faxes in TIFF format. In general TIFF viewers are less common on smart phones than a good PDF viewer, but there are cases where using TIFF is a workable solution when there are issues with viewing PDFs.

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