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Unified Messaging Installation and Configuration Guide

If you have signed up for our Unified Messaging service, you have gained the convenience of having all your voicemail messages emailed to you. Optionally, you can also install the Unified Messaging software to enhance your service by allowing you to receive calls from an alternate phone, online notification of incoming calls, call logs, and more.

This document will show you how to install the Unified Messaging software, as well as configuration steps, and troubleshooting. The Following topics are covered:

This is currently only supported on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Install the Unified Messaging software

  • Click here to download the software installer.
  • Save the installer to a known location on your hard drive (such as your Desktop).
  • Double click on the installer. (Note: If a window is displayed stating your operating system does not know how to open ".msi" files, you will need to install the Windows Installer Engine before proceeding).

Proceed through the installation wizard. Before the installer completes the installation process, a Networking Configuration window will be displayed. Enter your unified messaging phone number and PIN provided in your welcome e-mail, and press OK.

Additional Unified Messaging Voicemail Options

Advanced Configuration
When the Call Manager is running, you will see an icon in the System Tray that looks like a telephone. Right-click on this icon and click Configuration to configure the settings for how you can handle incoming calls while you are online.

After doing so, you will see the below screen. Under the General tab, you can set which phone numbers you would like to be able to forward an incoming call to. These numbers will be available to you for the online notification screen.

If you click the Address Book button, you can change the way caller ID displays the incoming call based on a persons phone number and whatever you type in for a name.

If you click the Advanced button, you can specify an additional voicemail notification address as well as indicate which numbers you can check voicemail messages from.

Under the Velocity Mail tab, you can set the program to provide simple notification if the caller left a message or not. If you select the option to choose a response online, when a call has arrived at your voicemail box, you will be provided with a screen giving you options of how you want to handle the call for a set amount of rings before the caller is automatically prompted to leave a message. Click here for more details.

You may also select And call me at to have your voicemail box to attempt to reach at a different number. Please note that if you have voicemail services on the alternate line, please adjust the ring length accordingly.

Under the Networking tab, you will see the same screen shown at the end of the installation where you are asked to enter the UM Phone # and the PIN.

Once you have configured all of these options, you are ready to start using the service.

If the Unified Messaging client fails to connect to our servers, it will attempt to reconnect every 60 seconds. If you have verified that your internet connection is currently working and it still does not work, check on the following:

  • In the Networking tab under the Unified Messaging configuration, make sure that your UM Number is set to your voicemail number. Also verify that your pin is correct. If you have changed your pin at any point, it will need to be updated on the Unified Messaging program.
  • Make sure your firewall has allowed IcwClient access to port 7341.

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