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Trouble Isolation

If you authorize us to dispatch a technician, the technician will first test from the point of demarcation. If the problem is found before the demarcation point, the repair will be free of charge. However if the problem is at, or beyond, the point of demarcation there will be a Trouble Isolation Charge of $95 for phone line related issues, or $100 for internet-only related issues. The technician does not need to come to, or inside, your premises for the this charge to apply. The Trouble Isolation Charge does not cover the repair of any problems.

If you have a Wire Maintenance plan with Velocity Telephone, you will be exempt from this.

If the issue resolves itself before technician arrives, please call us right away to avoid any unnecessary charges.

If the problem turns out to be at, or beyond the demarcation point, you can opt to have Velocity Telephone troubleshoot the issue for you.

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